Erik Bosgraaf & Cordevento: Een Spaense voys

Thursday May 17th, 2012 • 8.15 PM • Posthoornkerk

Erik Bosgraaf, recorder • Alessandro Pianu, harpsichord • Izhar Elias, baroque guitar
Music from the Spanish territories
Works by Andrea Falconieri, Bartolomé de Selma, Francesco Corbetta, Jacob van Eyck and others

Erik Bosgraaf, Izhar Elias and Alessandro Pianu founded Cordevento in 2005, initially intending to juxtapose modern and early music in their concert programs. Since 2007 the trio performs exclusively 17th century repertoire: music that often challenges the borders between high art and popular music. The trio has performed in the most prestigious European concert halls and Early Music festivals such as Konzerthaus Wenen, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Konzerthaus Berlin, Birmingham City Hall and the Utrecht Early Music Festival. As soloists, the members of Cordevento received various awards, amongst them the Dutch Music Prize, the Borletti-Buitoni Trust Award and the Grachtenfestival Prize. In 2008, Cordevento made their debut in a baroque orchestra setting, with each line played by a soloist. In this specific formation the group aims to interpret mostly 18th century music. In 2009, they released their first CD with recorder concertos by Antonio Vivaldi. Their second album with concertos by J.S. Bach appeared in 2012.

Dapper’s Delight

Friday May 18th, 2012 • 1.30 PM • Posthoornkerk

Susanna Borsch, recorders • Adrian Brown, concertina
Dapper’s Delight (Adrian Brown – anglo concertina and Susanna Borsch – recorder) is a duo formed to explore the dance music and songs of the period 1550-1750, particularly pieces that are found in both high and low cultural sources. Their current interest lies with the rich repertoire of 17th century English tune books and broadside ballads, which they feel, form a bridge between ‘art’ and ‘folk’ music, modern categorisations which would never have been applied to music at that time. Dapper’s Delight use small scale and highly portable instrumentation which they feel is very effective for this repertoire. Their debut CD “Indoors” has recently been released on Karnatic Lab Records.

The Royal Wind Music: Pourquoi non?

Friday May 18th, 2012 • 8.15 PM • Posthoornkerk

Franco-Flemish composers at the European courts
Music by Nicolas Gombert, Adrian Willaert, Josquin Desprez, Jacob Obrecht a.o.
Guest artistic leader: Kees Boeke

This programme sees the Royal Wind Music re-tracing the steps of various Franco-Flemish composers to the most important European courts. The Habsburg monarchs in particular were significant patrons for the Franco-Flemish musicians and composers. Margaretha of Austria, the mother of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, for example, commissioned beautiful songbooks from the calligrapher Alamire, one of which was a large volume of representative so-called regretz-chansons, or songs of regret, by among others the ‘father’ of all Franco-Flemish composers, Josquin Desprez,whose music is included in the present programme. Margaretha’s son, Charles V, Habsburg Emperor from 1519-1555, was patron to Nicolas Gombert and Thomas Crequillon and his son, Philip II of Spain, employed Pierre de Manchicourt and later George de la Hèle, all of whom were established composers of the period. The Flemish musicians in question were influential were performing and composing during the period in which the Netherlands was at war with the Habsburg court, but this failed to prompt their departure from such rich employers!

ORDA Showcase

Saturday May 19th, 2012 • 1.30 PM • Posthoornkerk

Five young professional soloists and ensembles active in The Netherlands will perform a surprising program for an international audience! Dodó Kis, Leonard Kwon, Yi-Chang Liang, NASA Duo/Sarah Jeffery and Scroll Ensemble play works by Roderik de Man, Isang Yun, Toshio Hosokawa, Francesco Landini, Donnacha Dennehey and improvisations on 17th century standards.

Quartet New Generation: Fantasy in symmetry

Saturday May 19th, 2012 • 8.15 PM • Posthoornkerk

Susanne Fröhlich • Eva Gemeinhardt • Heide Schwarz • Petra Wurz, recorders
Music by Giovanni Battista Riccio, Georg Friedrich Händel, Dmitri Sjostakovitsj, Györgi Ligeti, Sofia Gubaidulina, Mary Ellen Childs and others

QNG mesmerizes its audiences through innovative programming that juxtaposes contemporary and early music. The quartet’s unique, high-energy mode of performance inspires new works and creates a dynamic and exciting forum for exploring the music of our time. Taking advantage of the large recorder family and its flexibility, QNG is constantly searching for new possibilities of sound and expression. The instruments played by the Quartet include a large number of accurate copies of authentic historical instruments plus modern recorders. QNG has attracted broad and enthusiastic audiences throughout Europe, North and South America, Japan, Southeast Asia and the USA.

The Royal Wind Music: A whole other world

Sunday May 20th, 2012 • 2 PM • Posthoornkerk

Seven countries, eight points of the compass and many recorders!
Music by Juan Carlos Quintero, John Bull, Rentaro Taki, Orazio Vecchi, Johann Sebastian Bach and others

An educational concert for children under 12 years of age and their parents! We travel through time and space and discover a great variety of music from Spain, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Japan and the USA before returning to the streets and canals of Amsterdam. Children will also have the chance to participate and make music themselves: to prepare, they can join Hester Groenleer’s workshop on Saturday May 19th. All musical arrangements for this project were written by Paul Leenhouts.

Film: Ricercata

Friday May 18th, 2012 • 2.45 PM • Posthoornkerk: intro, short concert by Daniël Brüggen + film [English subtitles]
Friday May 18th, 2012 • 10.30 PM • Posthoornkerk: film [English subtitles]
Saturday May 19th • 3 PM • Posthoornkerk: intro, short concert by Daniël Brüggen + film [English subtitles]
Saturday May 19th, 2012, 10.30 PM • Posthoornkerk: film [German subtitles]

A very personal document in which we follow recorder player Daniël Brüggen on a quest to discover the soul of the recorder. During his pursuit, he travels to Canada, South-Korea, Japan and Germany and finally pays a visit to his uncle Frans Brüggen, who receives him in his second home in Tuscany.